Gauge confusion

Ok I tried to gauge as stated on the yarn. I got close to the gauge so tried again…seems my knitting height is ok 4 " but my width is 1/2 " too long, 4.5" Anyway to correct this and what am I doing? stretching the yarn or?

Sounds like you may just need to try a smaller needle. Go down to the next size needle and do your swatch again and see how that works.

The gauge on the pattern is more important than what it says on the yarn. Stitch gauge is more important than row gauge usually. You measure gauge by counting stitches within 4 inches and dividing it by 4 to get stitches per inch.

Here’s some info.

Thank you so much…I must get a good book as a ref. to help me read about knitting that I can have on hand.

Yarn choice is yours but it is the stitch gauge which is the most important as Jan states. You can use the yarn of your choice as long as you get the gauge needed by the pattern. By the way I love the knitting assistant!