Gauge confusion?

I absolutely love the Knit Picks retro throw shown here

However, I notice that the pattern states a gauge of 2.5 st/inch on size 10s, while the gauge of the yarn is DK weight and 5.5sts/inch on size 5-6.

I don’t see any mention of double stranding. The picture does suggest that the blanket is a bit loose or holey…but I hate to get the wrong yarn by mistake (not that I wouldn’t be able to find a use for it, lol!) Is the 2.5sts/inch on size 10s correct?


Hmmmm… 10 sts/4 in with/DK does sound pretty stringy. Doesn’t look quite that loose in the finished piece. Can you work up a sample…single and double… with something you have on hand?


I think it would be okay at that gauge, even single stranded. For a throw, the fabric could be a bit looser, not as dense as you’d knit a sweater. A lot of KP’s DK yarns are really light worsted and would knit up just fine on a size 10.