Gauge comparison

I have a pattern where the gauge is
15 sts = 4"; 17 rows = 4" in k3 p3 ribbing on size 11 needles
cast on is 61 sts

To substitute the yarn called for (discontinued) I am using Malabrigo Yarn which is described in the screenshot.

Can I get some help with this? What should I do different?

Hope you can help…I won’t buy the yarn if I can’t adjust it to work. It’s a hat and I want it to fit!!! :wink:

Gauge in k3p3 is flexible and not so easy to compare to the gauge for the Malabrigo which is probably given in the standard stockinette. You can check out the original yarn called for on the pattern on Ravelry even though it’s discontinued. That’ll let you know the gauge in stockinette and compare it to the Malabrigo.
You can go from there in trying to decide whether to change yarns or adapt the pattern cast on.

I know nothing about gauge so I’ll let you look at the yarn and see what you think. I found this Malabrigo on the Yarn Sub site.

Thanks. I made a hat with this once and it turned out to be the best thing I’d ever done.

Very pretty yarn, but, sadly no longer made.
It’s close enough to the Malabrigo that you could try the substitution. You could either cast on for the hat since it’s not a large project and see what gauge you get in the rib pattern or else knit a gauge swatch.
Here’s a start on understanding gauge. It’s important if you’re going to knit items that need to fit like hats and sweaters. Basically it’s a way of converting sts in a pattern to inches. There’s lots of worthwhile information online if you google “knitting gauge”.

Thank you. I really need to learn that stuff. There are still lots of stashes on Ravelry and I’ve sent off a few posts, asking them if they still have them. Crossing my fingers.