Gauge check

Urrrgghhh!!! I cast on to do a gauge check swatch, and I’m at 16 st/4 5/8 in when I need to be at 16 st/4 in. I’m using a size 9 circ bamboo needle, do I now need to change to a 9.5 or 10? I really want to get going on this project too! Bad news when they are the only circs I have. I want some Denises :crying: :crying:

there’s no such thing as a 9.5 so 10 would be the next step. what are you making?

I’m making Cleo. You can find it here

I’m using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton instead of what they used in the pattern.

yeah so the gauge will matter. well this is what i found for the Mission Falls:

The gauge for both the wool and cotton yarn is 18 stitches and 24 rows to 4 inches (10 cm) on 4.5 mm (US size 7) needles.

and for the Cantata:

Gauge: Double Knit - 22sts/28rows=4".
Suggested Needle size: 4mm/U.S. 6

not sure how that works out with messing with the needles but there is definitely going to need to be some adjusting from their pattern i would suppose.

I was going to say that maybe you should measure your gauge with a little weight pulling it down (to simulate how it would be when it’s complete), but in this case, that would make the difference even more pronounced, wouldn’t it? Have you washed and blocked your gauge? If not, maybe that would alter the spread of the fabric.

I thought that as long as you got your gauge to match what the gauge should be for the yarn they used with the pattern, that it doesn’t matter what yarn you use.

As for washing and blocking–that might affect the gauge, but aren’t you supposed to go by what it is before blocking?

you pretty much can use whatever yarn you want if the gauge matches. i was just saying that you might have to play more with the needles to get the right gauge.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure that gauge should usually be measured after washing and blocking. If you can’t get gauge by changing needle size, here’s a calculator that can help you convert your pattern: gauge conversion calculator. I’ve never used it myself, but it seems to have inputs for both stitch and row gauge.

Thanks, guys!! Guess I’m going to be making a trip to a craft store today to get me some more needles!! Brendajos, I didn’t know they didn’t have 9.5 circs, maybe I was thinking just straight needles, cause I swear I’ve seen that size before!

Another thing to consider is to make you swatch 5 inches wide. Then you can measure across 4 inches of stitches to see how many you have, rather than measuring the end stitches, too.