Gauge brainfart! help!

my gauge swatch for a sweater for dh is off and i’ll be feathered if i can figure out what to do.

25 stitches and 25 rows should be 4 inches square. my row gauge was good, but my stitches across measured 5 inches. i am without a clue. i’ve puzzled so long i’m starting to drool.

So, 25sts measured 5" instead of 4"??? That means that you have too few stitches per inch. In that case you will need to use a smaller needle size.

but won’t that completely screw up my row gauge, which is pretty much dead-on 4 inches at 25 rows? that’s what’s throwing me for a loop!

Don’t worry about row gauge, it’s more important to get stitch gauge. Patterns mostly tell you to knit of X inches and for the shaping, it won’t be off that much. Besides, on a sweater, the rows may stretch a bit.


What everyone is saying is absolutely right…most of the time. There are some patterns that are very row dependent and you need to get the row gauge as well. I hate those, and like you were drooling about, how in the world can you get both if one is right and the other is wrong? I completely understand your frustration. I hope your pattern is not row dependent that makes it so much easier.

But if it is important to get both gauges…The easy answer is forget it. :lol: Look for a pattern that is not giving you these kinds of fits. :slight_smile: I have found that I can sometimes change my row gauge and keep the stitch gauge right by using a different needle and very consciously knitting to a different tension. It is trial and error as far as I know. And sometimes I’ve found that I can get closer to what I need by using a different yarn. That’s when the pattern is something you really want to do, but it is row and stitch dependent, and you are willing to change yarn to use a must have pattern. No easy solution.

I sure hope what everyone has said will work in your case, that they give you inches throughout and the pattern is not row dependent.Crossed Fingers