Gauge assistance


Hi. I’m a tight knitter and also knit with bulky yarn. Currently, I am designing my own headband [it’s very simple cable]. Although, I follow instructions in knitting a stockinette swatch and doing the math to get the final gauge; I still can’t get the CO numbers to sync with the 2” width I want. So I find myself estimating through repeating casting on/off to see how close I get to the width I want. Knit with US 17 needles & bulky#5 yarn. Swatch gauge is: 8.5 sts over 4”. I estimated to CO 8 sts to give me the 2”. What am I doing wrong? Appreciate any insight.


I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. This is the design process. Part of it is gauge swatch and the other part is trial and error until you get what you want. People knitting the band will work at their own tension and probably have to adjust for the gauge too.

Cables add another element since they pull in the knitting depending on how tightly you work them. Keep trying and you’ll get there!


Thank you. And yes, I’m there…just don’t how to reflect the numbers to sync because I literally added 4 stitches to make it 2” wide, because I thought too the cables would pull in. Based on what you said on people adjusting to get the right gauge, I hope I don’t steer wrong :smile:. Thank you so much!