Gauge and yarn problem. Please help!

I want to knit this tank from Berroco.
I have yarns from Laines du Nord, Soleil and the ticket says
use 5 or 6 mm needles.

Instruction says needle size 8 (5mm).
The gauge should be 11 sts= 2 inches,
and 8 rows = 1 inch in ST. st.

Well, I tried several times changing also needle sizes
but I can obtain just 10 sts= 2 inches and
7 rows = 1 inch with 4,5mm needles.

I tried 4mm needles, too, but since I’m new to
knitting, it became really tight and ugly. :verysad:
Stitches seems too crowded for the summer tank, too.

What should I do??


You can use the 4.5mm needles and make a smaller size. You’re getting 5 sts per inch, multiply that times the inches around you need and use the closest size which has that many stitches front and back.



thank you for your help!! :hug:

I understand what you mean.
Since I have just come back from work,
I will check with my knitting instruction and see how
it works.

Thanks for now.
I’ll be back.


Aw shucks… That was an easy one.


OK, I’m back again. :doh:

For the size Small, bust- 38", the instruction says cast on 105 sts.

105sts divide 5 (my gauge)= 21"
same for front and back

42" around. Well, that is too big for me. :??

That means I should reduce my cast on stitches and
divide with my gauge till I get the right measurement??

For example, I cast on 98 sts,
98 divide 5 = 19,6"
19,6 x 2 ( front and back) = 39,2"

Mmmmmm… Am I on the right track?



Yes you’re doing well. It looks like it’s made in stockinette, so stitch pattern won’t be a problem. For binding off under the arms, figure out how many inches the stitches they want bound off come to, usually about 1½", then you BO the corresponding number of stitches. And for the V neck shaping, just follow the instructions, it will probably be a dec every other row. Just measure as you go along.


Thank you, Sue!! :cheering:

I’m glad that I’m doing OK.
I’ll cast on today and see how it would come out.