Gauge and making a a sweater

So I have made lots of things , boxy kids sweaters ,scarfs and wraps, bowls and cat beds but I haven’t ever made a sweater for me. So I have a pattern and have swatched some yarns looking for slightly less expensive than the recommended yarn yarns and and spent a bunch of time online trying to find a store that carries the recommended yarn :yarn: in my country so as not to have extra duty and wait on shipping in covid. no luck at all. I did go on the yarn sub site but the best matches also ment international shipping.
So it calls for green mountain spinnery 50% targee wool 50%alpaca in earl grey 164 meters I need 8 or 9.
The gauge given is 22x30=4’’
I think this is a sport weight yarn, drops karisma super wash( says it is a B) on 4mm and get 23x30, which is close to what it says. Patons worsted gets me 21x28 on the same . Neither is sort of lux enough for what I am hoping for but I am at a loss do I stick with 4mm or size down the needles or keep try balls of yarn until I get closer.

The pattern is calling for a DK weight yarn (22stsx30rows). Karisma is DK at 23x30 and Patons worsted close enough (21x30). Both are close to the gauge needed but ultimately, you will have to get gauge with your yarn and needles. It’ll be important to see if you like the knit fabric that you make.
What is the name of your pattern?

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Heublein pullover in :you can knit that by Amy Herzog , I bought a book because it has all sorts of other good info swatching well finishing the sweater and a really in depth explanation of ease and custom fitting your sweater but this one should fit me well without having to change the pattern for a first go

She says 22sts and 30 rows over =4inches in St st on 3.75mm / us5
The wools I mentioned get close to her gauge for me but on 4mm. I would like a slight finer fabric than I am getting.

The needle size depends on how tightly or loosely you knit compared to the designer. You could try a size larger needle and see if you prefer that fabric or possibly look at a finer weight yarn.
It’s a really good looking sweater.

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