Gauge and Finished Measurements

hi, I am working on Leisure Art#4457 Lace pattern baby bonnet. They have not given us the finished product measurements.
As per pattern Gauge: In stockinette St, 16sts = 4" (4st = 1")
For the Crown: Cast on 8 sts and gradually increases every even row with Yo to 82sts on 16th row.

Now the Big QUESTION?

My Gauge is 5sts = 1". If i Cast on 8sts and work the same to get 82sts then…


It’s going to be 82 divided by 5 which will be 16½" more or less. While with the original gauge it would be 20½". You need to increase on more rows until you have about 102 sts or so.


Thanks. So 20 1/2" is the circumference right? Will this fit 6 months baby?

You’re just figuring out gauge and needle size with the gauge swatch in stockinette stitch. The lace pattern in this hat may well give you a different circumference for the actual hat. I wasn’t able to see the lace pattern stitch to tell for sure but it’s likely that the actual hat will be smaller than 20.5". That seems a bit large for a 6 month old. Here’s one size chart.

The 20" may be a different measurement than we normally take head sizes too. It could have some shaping or something.

vvs, do you have a link to the pattern, or at least a picture of it? Then we might be able to help you a little better.


I tried hard to find this one online. I actually copied it from my colleagues knitting book. The best I found was this link.

I am using yarn#4 (Worsted- Malabrigo). Needle # 7

That actually helps, thanks.

Yeah, it looks like you’re really starting at the back of the head and the incs go all the way around the head and back of neck, so the 20" number would be okay, looks like it’s a flared out brim around it. So just do more increase rows I think - take the stitch numbers they give as you go along and ‘translate’ them into inches according to the pattern’s gauge. Then convert that into the same number of stitches you need to make the same measurment.


Thanks so much suzeeq it really helps. One more thing. As per the pattern Cast On 8sts (4sts - 1") So Shall I Cast On 10 since my gauge is (5sts = 1") or Increasing the rows is a better option?

Doing more rows is probably better. To make a flat circle increase correctly (this is what you’re doing) 8 incs every other row works best. 10 inc every other row might make it too ruffley or you’d get more than a circle.

Look the book up on Ravelry. It may be listed there with finished items that will help answer your questions.

Hi Suzeeq,

Thanks for all the help but i am srry to bother you again with this topic. I am writing down the pattern for the bonnet:
Cast on 8sts
Rw1: Purl and all the following odd rows is Purl
Rw2: K1, *yo, k1 *across : 15sts
Rw2: K1, *yo,k2 *across : 22sts…continue the pattern
Rw14: K1, *yo, K7 *Across : 57sts

Rw16: K4, Kf&B(Increase),*K1, Kf&B *rep across till last 4 sts, K4 : 82sts…

Rw1 (Decrease row) : K2, *P3 tog, K2 *Rep across: 50sts

As we had discussed I am going to increase the rows to make it 102 instead of 82 but if you see i got 82 after doing KF&B and i am already done with that Row 16 so is it ok if i rep row 16 one more time or Do i have to rip that row and add the yo after row 14?

Also for the Brim it says rw1 is decrease row so is it on wrong side or the right side? I finished the Rw16 with 82sts on the RS and it says nothing about row 17…

Ahh okay, it helps to see the rows. Instead of doing the kfb row, do more rows of the yo, k8, then yo k9, and so on, until you have about 78 or 80 sts, which ever it comes out to by extending the increase rows. Then do k4, kfb, (k1 kfb) to the end and k4. That should give you about 102.

Then do another purl row and work the Decs for the brim on the RS row. You’ll have a different number than 50 sts, maybe about 60 or so.


Thanks a lot. I got working on it now…

Thanks again…