Gauge and color work for throw pillow

I wanted to take a break from Infinite Christmas Stocking doldrums (I have four projects to finish before mid-September and it’s going s-l-o-w-l-y), so I charted a geeky Nintendo game-themed throw pillow for my brother and his family. I haven’t done color work with so many colors before–there will be up to four colors per row, and the motifs are fine, often just one stitch wide.

In the past, I’ve knitted cabled throw pillows at a fairly tight gauge to avoid lots of gaps and sagging in the finished project. Since this is going to have a lot of color work, is a tight gauge going to be a problem?

Will duplicate stitch be a better solution than stranded knitting with a tighter gauge? Do you prefer duplicate or stranded when working with a lot of colors in a single row? (Ends won’t be a terrible bother, since it’s a pillow cover–I can just knot them together.)

Any other recommendations for this type of project?

Duplicate stitch immediately came to mind as I was reading your post. That will help with the number of colors that you have to strand across the back.
It seems to me that you can work at the tight gauge on smaller needles without having to pull the floats tightly across the back. It may require going down 2 needle sizes but it seems like that’ll work.

Sometimes there comes a point where you have to put down the projects (endless mittens, hats, even Christmas stockings) a work something else. I’m pretty much a serial knitter and even so, it happens to me. A throw pillow sounds like a good change and you’ll return refreshed to the stockings.


I’ve always found stranded knitting can get too tight and pull in a bit like a cable. I know it’s from the floats. Going up a needle size helped. I’ve not done more than two colors per row so really don’t know how to address that.

I found this video on short row’s that you would find interesting

Was that for me or for somebody else?

Sorry I meant to post that as a new topic.

:smile: I was like, “Short rows. . . not gonna help me knit a rectangular throw pillow.”

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Oh well, at least if you ever need help with your short row’s you will have this video to fall back on lol