Gathering of Lace VS Victorian Lace Today

Which one would you get?:??

Sorry, haven’t seen either. Do you have to pick one sight unseen? Have you tried looking for them at your library? Or a local bookstore so you can at least see the different patterns so you can tell which one has more appeal for you? At least look them up at knitpicks and amazon - they usually have views of a few of the patterns - that could help you decide.

I hate to say this, but both is my answer. They’re very different. A Gathering is more beautiful, but Victorian is more garment practical. Both have a ton of errors, which may or may not have been fixed in whichever edition you get. So before starting any of the projects, I’d go on line to the publisher’s site and find the errata/corrections for it.

I agree with brittyknits, get both if you can. On knit picks you can look at some of the pictures in the books. They are both really beautiful!

My daughter bought Victorian Lace and every page just makes you want to knit lace. It is a real keeper this book. So many knitting books are not worth the price in my opinion but this one is.

I don’t have A Gathering of Lace, but I do have Victorian Lace Today and I LOVE it! The only thing I wish was different is this. There is basicly 3 sizes of yarn they use, and I just wish that they used each size about the same amount, so when I’m stash busting I have more choices… but really that not that big of a deal.