Gathering of Lace Tam Help

I’m ready to start this but I have a question first. The pattern (p.124) says to use an invisible cast-on. You knit 12 rows then purl a row, then 11 more rows. Now it says to continue on with the rest of the hat. Under Finishing it says to fold the band to the inside and sew in place, removing waste yarn from invisible cast-on.
Why use an invisible cast-on if you’re supposed to sew it to the inside? Invisible cast-on leaves you with live stitches. :?? Any thoughts?

The live stitches give it more flexibility and strechability. The cast-on edge has no give and could be a bit shorter than the hat part.

Thanks Ingrid!
Should I graft the live stitches to the inside when I’m done? I saw a description of how to do that in the back of the book.


Thanks so much Ingrid!! You are always such a big help. I don’t know anyone near my who loves to knit as I do. When I need some help it’s nice to have you so close :happydance:(but yet so far!:pout:).

:hug:Opposite ends of the country, but just a click away!