Gasp! Thinking of socks

I am a newby knitter, my MIL is doing socks, on a circular, so now i am curious and want to try- so the easiest socks on circular needles???

How nice to have your MIL for help and advice! Here’s one good tutorial to take a look at, Silver’s Sock classes.

Salmonmac referral to Silver’s Sock Classes is an excellent one. :thumbsup:

The simplest sock in my mind is a cuff down tube sock without a heel. It’s finished at the toe just like the top of a hat. Here’s a link to a free pattern for one: I think these will be my next pair of tube socks!

Looks like you and I may be starting off on the sock thing at the same time!

Thanks, this looks like it’s just what I need!

now that heelless sock looks like a good place to start! so to use a circ for it, what size would i need?

jinxknit- what color will you do???:yay:

The recipe calls for sock yarn and size 2 needles. There’s no gauge listed, one of the huge benefit of tube socks, as long as the material is tight enough. If you knit tightly you may want size 3, if you knit loose you may want size 1 or 0.

Since you’re working with circs, you might want to check to make sure the cable is small enough to work comfortably on. Just knit a small swatch of a few rows and slide it onto the cable, then pull it to the other end.

ok, will make sure to do that- need to get a needle that size and yarn…:slight_smile:

Robin -

If you’re like me, it’s an excuse (no, a reason! :wink: ) to buy yarn and needles. :roflhard:

But, if you want to work with something larger, you could use, say, sport yarn and a larger size needle to knit them as house/sleep socks, just cast on fewer stitches. Whatever floats your boat!:woohoo: