*gasp* Am I not ribbing?

After closer look at my knitting book today, I realized it says to do ribbing you K1P1 or K2P2 etc… then the NEXT row you Purl the Knits and Knit the Purls???

I’ve been Knitting the knits and purling the purls on my next row!
I saw that is called Moss stitch, but mine doesn’t look like moss it looks like rib???

I start with knit and end in purl on a row could this be the reason???!

Am I Ribbing??? The hat and scarf I made I thought I ribbed, maybe I didn’t???

Do you have verticle “stripes”? That’s ribbing. When you turn your work, what was a knit is now a purl because you’re looking at the other side and the purls are now knits. Clear as mud?

If you go here and scroll down, you’ll find a video of ribbing. http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/knitting-tips There is a continental video and an English video, your choice.

The instruction is to knit the knits and purl the purls as they appear on the row you’re about to do. Don’t keep track of what you did to the sts on the previous row, just work them how they look on this row. It works with an odd or even number of sts, knit flat or in the round.

This thread has some pictures and videos that might help you.

Most ribbing is a k1, p1 or k2,p2 rib. Those are the most common ones. However, be aware that you may find different ribs in certain patterns. There is a k1,p2 rib. A k4,p1 rib. A k5,p1 rib. I came across a pattern last week that is a k3,p3 rib.

Ribbing can be any assortment of regular knits and purls like k1p1, k2,p3, k2,p2, etc. And yes you knit the knits and purl the purls.

Ahhh yes ok that makes sense, I’m turning my needles therefore I’m looking at the other side.

So I am doing it right. Whef that got me really confused for a second!

I’m glad you now know you’re doing it right. I know the feeling, panic sets in and I [I]know [/I]I’m doing it [I]wrong![/I] Sometimes just realizing that the desired effect has been achieved is what I need. Keep on knitting, having fun, and learning.