Garter Stripe Square Bag

There isn’t really a pattern for this bag. It’s essentially 22 garter stripe squares, seamed together in a very clever way. You can see the layout of the squares to form a bag on Ishi’s Ravelry Project Page (it’s her design).

I made mine from Briggs & Little Heritage 100% wool in Light Gray and Dark Gray. I used about 3/4 of a skien of the light, and a full skien plus a little bit of a 2nd skien of the dark (for the straps).

My squares, I CO 17 sts on size 8 needles and made 17 stripes/garter ridges (34 rows, with the CO and BO considered rows). I added 2 rows of crochet along the opening edge to give it more definition. To add the straps, I picked up and knit a 6 stitch I-Cord.

I added the fabric lining (serious on the outside, a party on the inside! LOL), machine sewed together/seamed and then hand stitched into the bag. There’s a hidden magnetic clasp behind the lining to keep the bag closed (otherwise I found it sagged open a bit).

I don’t have a hot water hook up in my washer, so I felted it by hand in my kitchen sink. It felted up well, but didn’t shrink enough for my taste… so I stuck it in the dryer while still damp and prayed LOL It worked, though. After about 15 minutes it had shrunk to the perfect size and was dry, to boot!

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That’s a great bag! Love the colors you chose for it!

I bet you could do this with garterlac (entrelac in garter) and save the seaming.:thumbsup:

Wow, great job, that bag is wonderful! :yay:

Hey, that entrelac is so cool! It makes my head hurt a bit trying to figure out how to put it together in the right pattern of squares, though LOL Gosh, that would be clever… maybe I’ll try and figure it out. I put the pattern in my faves to look at more closely at some point. Thanks!

This is really WONDERFUL! I followed the Rav links, and my o my…this is one GREAT BAG. You can do so much to modify it by the pattern you use, and the materials!

Way to go! You are a knitting goddess!!

Angie - I totally LOVE it!! Yours came out just great … and I love the party on the inside :wink: Thanks so much for posting the link!

I LOVE that bag!!

Ooh, I love it! Very nice.

Oh, it looks wonderful! Will you bring it to the next meeting to show people? :3

wonderful job n wel done

Oooh, it’s gorgeous. I would love one just like it. I usually always buy red bags, so am loving the red trim you chose. Wish you lived closer and I could join your knitting group.

Way Way Way cool!!! Great job! Thanks for the link - I’m off to check Ravelry!!! LOL

I thought it was entralac. You mean you had to sew all that together? Sounds like a bit of work. :slight_smile: It turned out beautifully. I love the lining.

Thanks so so much, everyone!

Wow, thank you! That is a huge compliment coming from you, I really admire your work!

Thanks! I actually had it with me last week, but I’ll bring it again next month :slight_smile:

Thanks! The one with the red trim isn’t mine… you’re looking at Ishi’s work in those Ravelry photos. She’s the original designer :slight_smile:

Yes, I sewed it all together. It wasn’t too bad. I normally find seaming & weaving to be very mindless and relaxing, but I’ll admit to being tired of by the end of this one LOL I’d never heard of entrelac until this thread, actually.

I love it! Were you able to print the page from Ravelry with the pictures? I can’t seem to print it to use as a “pattern” … I can’t wait to start my squares :slight_smile:

I just copied/pasted the photos I needed to show how it goes together, plus Ishi’s basic directions, onto a Word document and printed it out that way.

What yarn/colours are you using?

I have to look in my stash … I have lots of Patons Merino (my favorite felting yarn) and will use a dark color and off white … I do like the black and white … One more question … what size does the bag “end up” ? I love the way it “shapes” at the bottom. Also, how did you seam together … mattress stitch ? … you did such a good job it looks like one piece of fabric!

I like to seam and weave, too. :slight_smile:

Mine ended up about 14" side to side at the widest point, and about 12" from the bottom to where the strap starts. It’s not super-felted, I’m sure I could have gotten it smaller, but it’s about the size I was trying for.

I don’t know if there’s a term for how I seamed it up, I just used some of the yarn ends and “sewed” it. I was more worried about it being secure, figuring the felting and the lining inside would hide any imperfections in the seaming.

Glad I’m not the only one who likes to seam and weave, most knitters look or act as though I’m nutty for finding it relaxing LOL

ohh love that bag, great job :inlove:

That is one cool bag!!