Garter stitch

“[B]Starting with a purl row work garter pattern for 15 rounds”

“[B]”[/B]Garter Stitch pattern[B]: [/B]3 Rows Purl /3 Rows Knit"

Does that mean that I do 3 rows purl, 3 rows knit, [/B][B]3 rows purl, [/B][B]3 rows knit, [/B][B]3 rows purl, and then I’m done with the 15 rounds?[/B]

Nice sweater!

[B]CORRECTION[/B]: It appears you are starting at the bottom not the top as I stated before since you will be knitting in the round. You can’t see the pattern at the bottom of the sweater though so just continue as it says.

thanks! It utilizes the only needles I have, lol, so I figure it was a perfect match.