Garter Stitch Ruffles Baby Blanket

I’m getting ready to knit this baby blanket:
It calls for size 13 needles and size 3 needles. My problem is that I no longer have size 13; my largest is size 11. Do you think it would make too much difference? I think the scallops won’t be as pronounced, but don’t know what other difference it will make. Would love to have y’all’s opinions.

[SIZE=3]Knitting the blanket with needles two sizes smaller will make the blanket denser and it won’t be relaxed (the way a blanket should be). Maybe you should get the size 13’s or choose another pattern that uses size 11’s.[/SIZE]

what a cute idea for a blanket! IMHO I don’t think one size will make much difference.
Maybe someone here with more experience or has knit this blanket themselves will answer!
You could just swatch it and see how it comes out!

good luck!


But it switches every 7 rows from size 13 to size 3 and then back, so I wonder how relaxed it is going to be anyway.

That’s actually only one size smaller, but there’s a pretty big difference between 11s and 13s. You could CO about 30 sts and knit a few inches to see if it works out.