Garter stitch question

This may be a dumb question but… doing a baby blanket, the border says, work in garter stitch for 2-1/2 inches ending on a WS. How do you know the wrong side with the garter stitch when all you do it knit each row? I know I am making this harder on myself than I need to but just not wrapping my brain around it.

Either you don’t care, since either side could be the RS or WS, or you count the rows, whereas odd rows are RS rows and even rows are WS rows.

I prefer the first method.

Thanks, I was thinking your first suggestion might be the answer, I just decide which side is right and which is wrong for the border. I prefer that way too! Thanks.

In garter stitch you decide, but I bet the pattern is just saying that to let you know the next row will be a RS row and you probably will switch stitch patterns to stockinette or something.

I like to choose the right side of a garter stitch border by looking at the cast on edge from each side and picking which one I think looks nicer!


Yes, that is exactly it, the pattern starts after the 2-1/2 inch border. Looking at it now I see the side I prefer with the way the cast on edge looks, so I will use that as my right side. Thanks everyone!