Garter stitch on double pointed needles

I’m a new knitter and I so appreciate your website, I learned by watching your videos! Thank you for all your help! I can’t tell you how many times I come here to get help. I’ve looked at your videos but I havent found one that addresses my current issue unless I missed it which is possible. So I’m working on a hat using dpns and I’m having trouble in the[U] transitional stitch [/U]between each dpns when I’ve just purled a round and am trying to knit a round, each time I start on a new dpn I end up creating an extra stitch I think. I think I’m not purling right ( not sure where to place my yarn in relation to all the needles)on these dpns, I was fine when I was using a circular needle but now I have transferred to the dpns and not sure what I’m doing wrong . Does this make any sense??
Thank you!

To purl you bring the yarn forward between the needles. If it’s the first stitch on the needle it works the same way, just remember to move the yarn to the back between the needles as well or you could be creating a yarn over (YO) which is an increase.

When you are knitting a row make sure you are knitting the stitch on the needle and not the thread between stitches.