Garter stitch in the round

How do I do a garter stitch on circular needles or double pointed? Working on a cardigan sweater in the round for the first time. I have no idea how to do the garter stitch on circular needles.

When you do garter stitch in the round you need to alternate purl and knit rows. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I had no idea.

I got a line where it changed from knit to purl.

That is normal for garter stitch in the round since it’s a spiral.

Yep, wouldn’t want to use it on one of my sweaters with the join front and center.

Maybe under the arm? Probably something you can do to make it less obvious, but I’m not sure.

I figure a panel of something that works better in the round. Panels look good front and center.

Funny, I was actually thinking a cable at the join might work, but a panel of anything would probably help. I’ll have to experiment on a hat. :wink:

I love cables so that works for me.