Garter stitch hat

Pattern based on the one in the book “Knitting Beyond Scarves”. I’m not sure what the yarn is, exactly, although I think it’s a wool blend. It’s recycled thrift-store sweater yarn!:teehee:

Very nice !

Have you got anyone in mind to give it to?

:heart: Love the hat, nice and snuggly–nice job!! Great thrift shop find!!:thumbsup:

It looks great!

Great job :thumbsup:

[B] I have to get that book so I can get the pattern. :slight_smile:


It loo great![/B]

Nice hat! That yarn worked great. Don’t you just love thrift shops. They are a good source of many knitting supplies.

Nice job!!!

Great job x

It’s so easy, you can probably do it without a pattern! Basically all you do is knit a garter stitch rectangle about 18 inches long (I don’t remember how many I cast on), and then sew the cast-on and bound-off edges together to make a tube. Then tread a piece of yarn around the top edge to gather it, tie a small knot, and weave in the loose ends. Fold the bottom up a couple inches (mine’s actually folded twice, it came out a little long) and that’s it!

Yes, it’s very snuggly, and I’m not sure if I’ll keep it for myself or give it away. I have plenty more of the same yarn, so I might make a matching scarf for a gift!



Thank You!!!

I made this hat for a newborn baby! TODAY! It only took a few hours! My own pattern. I couldn’t find a pattern for a new born, so I made this one up as I went along.

On my kitchen peninsula…

Susan :knitting: