Garter stitch folding

A cardigan pattern calls for a garter stitch border and then goes into a butterfly (bowknot ) pattern. I made it yrs ago, and it turned out all right. This time the border is folding over. Can I frog from the caston edge and do something different or do I have to start all over? I’ve knitted 12 inches of the back of the cardigan. It’s acrylic so blocking probably isn’t an option. Any help appreciated.

Is it possibly your tension that’s making it fold?

I forgot to mention that the pattern is “The Butterfly Cardigan” from American Thread Co. Star Book #176.

The tension is/was the same.

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Sometimes it’s the twist on the yarn or so I’ve been told.

You can’t really frog from the cast on edge but you can cut and re-knit down.

I’ve used this method to shorten sweater bodies and sleeves and it works very well.

If you decide to do this you might try knitting the garter stitch border on a smaller needle or with fewer sts although it would be best to test this out on a swatch first.