Garter stitch edge

I am starting a cardigan that calls for single crochet around the bottom front, back and sleeve edges. The front bands are garter stitch, so I decided to do the bottoms in garter instead of crochet. After looking at what I’ve done on the sleeve so far, I see the garter stitch is rolling up. Usually my sweaters are knit-purl so I’ve never had this problem. I’ve been blessed with some Malabrigo for this project and want it to be perfect. Will it keep rolling after seaming or is this common to wool?
Any input greatly appreciated. I did read the thread re: stockinette.

You may need to do about 6 rows in garter to help keep it from flipping up, but seaming should help, then blocking afterward. The curling isn’t from the yarn, but the stitch - stockinette rolls and curls up.