Garter Stitch Dishcloth

Here’s a pic of a side project I just finished up…a dishcloth in Sugar N Cream cotton to match my new kitchen!

It looks terrific. I love the colors!

i tried that pattern once and it was awful. yours looks great!

Pretty color! I make most of my dishcloths from that pattern. :wink:

Looks great. Whenever I make that dishcloth, I always end up with one corner more pointy, than the other!

:cheering: It looks great! this is one of my All-Time Favorite dishcloth patterns-soo easy!

WOW! I am using that same yarn & color to make an eyelet dishcloth. This is the first time that I am using this yarn and I like it. The colors are great and your dishcloth looks great as well. :yay:

Aren’t they fun to knit and wonderful to use? I love this pattern and have knitted hundreds for family and friends and of course myself. They love them and beg for more every year.

Thanks for sharing!

Great old pattern, nicely done. I think I like your kitchen sight unseen, based on the nice colors. :slight_smile:

The BO point is always a little pointier…I try to weave in the end in such a way as to round it a bit.:shrug:

I also didn’t like the CO 4 so I CO 3 instead and increase in the center stitch with a KFB then continue with the pattern as written. I learned that from doing this other version and I use the same CO now for Grandma’s Favorite.

Ooh, I love Sugar 'n Cream! That’s such a great dishcloth, and I love that you’re matching the colors to your new kitchen. Niiiice :inlove: