Garter stitch cardigan

I have it in my head that I want to garter st. a cardigan for myself. I knit well using simple patterns and have made most of my things using but I fell in love with the great texture of the garter st. when I made a garter st scarf and thought how nice it would look in a cardigan… simple - no ribbing needed and looks so neat and hangs well.
Garter stitch cardigans seem to be hard to come by. I’ve searched online for days now and found nothing suitable. I’d like to make it with #3 yarn ([B]which begs the question - is #3 and DK the same thing?)[/B]
I’m wondering how hard it would be for me to take a simple cardigan pattern, say in and make it in garter st. instead.
I understand there would be some differences as per gauge as garter takes more sts to get the same inches as st. st. but I’m thinking the biggest difference is in the rows and I can make it as long as I like… but what about the sleeves?
Any advice? Any patterns that I could use…?

p.s. I also want the sweater to look neat without a lot of fuss.

I don’t see why not. It’s going to take a bunch of yarn, of course. You might want to mess with gauge, because if you worked it tight it might be too warm (right now, that doesn’t seem possible!) It’ll be so stretchy that you won’t have to worry much about sizing.

This might be the place for that thick and thin yarn you don’t know what to do with or the slubby stuff that doesn’t look right in stockinette and goes to waste on fancy stitch patterns.

Thank you for your advice, Becky… I hadn’t thought it would be more stretchy so maybe I should made a smaller cardigan than I would if it were knit…?

There are some patterns here that might give you an idea of cast ons and sizing.
It’s such a lovely stitch to see in a sweater and so cozy right now.

Hi Salmonmac… thank you for responding…
Wow! Great minds think alike. I have looked here just a moment ago and found what appears to be a simple garter stitch sweater. I think I can knit what I want for the start of the sweater which works from the bottom up and then just use the top of the sweater to get the arms, neckline and opening done properly. Its called Sierra Basket & Garter Cardigan… I’m not sure about the sleeves because I believe they are the set in variety and would prefer raglan but I’m sure I will manage. Thank you so much for your helpful hint! What a great place for garter sweaters!

Oh, excellent choice! This is a very neat, nicely shaped look. Have fun knitting it and I hope we get the chance to see the finished cardi.

That is a really nice cardigan. You could use it with a smart outfit for work or a casual one like in the picture.

Okay so it’s 2018 and I just wanted to add to this post. I did make the sweater in brown with black trim. It is waaaaaaaay too big but I still love it. I have in my mind, sometime, to redo the sleeves and made them shorter… It shouldn’t take too much… I can take off about 6 to 8"… :slight_smile: I’m so bad!
Still and all, I have worn it a lot during the cold months and I really like the way it looks. It’s not quite down to my knees… :wink: I just kind of looks like I should be 6’ tall instead of 5’6… But the texture is lovely… If I ever do this one again, I think I will find a yarn that isn’t quite so soft and knit it on smaller needles. :smile: