Garter stitch all around

I am going to knit this lap throw

and I see where there is a garter stitch around the edges. How do I make sure the garter edge is on all 4 edges? Is this correct? k 2 rows of garter st, then knit 2 garter stitches on each end of the stockinet stitches? I still have problems reading patterns!

AFGHAN: Cast on 84 sts loosely. Work in garter st (= k every row) for 4 rows (= 2 garter st ridges).
Row 1 (RS): K 2 (= garter sts); k 80 sts; k 2 (= garter sts).
Row 2: K 2 (= garter sts); p 80 sts; k 2 (= garter sts). Rep Rows 1 and 2, keeping first 2 and last 2 sts in
garter st and working center 80 sts in St st until afghan meas 47" from beg, end on a WS row. Work in
garter st for 4 rows (= 2 garter st ridges). Bind off loosely


Yes, the pattern has allowed 2 sts either side of the stockinette sts to make a garter edging on the sides and both top and bottom start and end with 2 garter ridges or 4 rows of all knit stitch so all 4 sides are taken into account :smiley:

Thank you. I think I’ve got it now!