Garter st on round

I am making a sweater on the round and it called for 2 rows of garter st after the ribbing at the waist. I did the ribbing the one row knit then one row purl.

Now for the neck I sewed the shoulders shut and picked up the sts around the neck on circ. the pattern says

pick up and knit 99st around the neck on dpn join. and purl 1 row and knit 1 row then knit rib but it doesnt look right.

should I have knit one row then purled one row then did the ribbing?

I have the two bumps for the garter st but I see the knit st before the ribbing. does that make sense?

Yes, I would have started with the knit row.

Thank you, I wish the pattern would have told me the right way now I have to take it apart. :verysad:

It is weird because I did a garter st at the waist after ribbing. I knit one row then purled one row then did stockinette and you can notice the garter st.

At the neck I picked up the sts and did one row k and one row p then did the ribbing but here you don’t notice the garter.

Why is that? THe only difference is one way the ribbing was first then the garter and the other the garter came first then the ribbing.

Shouldn’t it look the same? :??

Yeah, it should look the same, but you don’t have to take it out, just continue as the pattern says, and it’ll probably work out. If you need any more help, I’m always here!