Garter ridges

I’m attempting to knit a blanket from the Mason-Dixon knitting book. It’s a log cabin design, but I have a question about some of the directions. I know it’s something that I SHOULD know, but I’m rather slow when it comes to simple things! It says to cast on 20 stitches, then knit 24 garter ridges.
Does that mean I count garter ridges only on one side of the work or on both sides? :shock: Believe me: I go through this with every pattern. My mom says I try to make everything harder than it should be, but she can’t help me because she doesn’t knit. I’m rather embarassed but my lack of simple knowledge, but I can’t be the only one out there!!!

It sounds like you’re just supposed to count the purl ridges on the front of your work. So just knit every row until there are 24 rows of purl sts on the front side. If you’re using the long-tail cast on that would be 47 rows after casting on, beginning and ending with a WS row.

FYI - two rows make one garter ridge. So I would knit 48 rows to get the 24 ridges. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I’m sorry – I should’ve given directions specific to the two types of cast on methods (single and double) since that does make a difference in the number of knit rows.

The long-tail CO creates the first row of knitting since it is a double CO, and the first row after CO is done on the WS. So, for garter stitch:

[color=blue]Counting the cast on row as Row 1, that would be 48 rows total as ekgheiy said.[/color] The last purl ridge row is completed on the WS. So that means you have the CO (first row) + 47 rows garter st, beginning and ending on the WS.

With any single cast on method, the first row is on the RS and the cast on row is not counted. So the first purl ridge does not occur until Row 2. Again, the last purl ridge row, Row 48, is on the WS. So that means you have the CO + 48 rows, beginning on the RS.

I should’ve been clearer – sorry! :oops:[size=2][/size][size=1][/size]

Thank you both! I had never even known all that about casting on! I really have to start thinking about it now. I got it started, and so we’ll see how it goes. I’m just doing a test to check it out before I go buy yarn to make a blanket, so hopefully I’ll be able to post a finished blanket soon!!! :cheering:

Knit on!! :thumbsup: