Garter Rib Baby Sweater

I used the cast-on numbers and the garter rib from Vestee (Knitty), but went for a baby J-Crew kind of look. Knit in the round from the bottom up. The yarn really softened in the wash. Hoping this is a 9-12 month size!

Yarn: Brown Sheep Superwash 100% Wool
Needles: size 8


Love the wee cuffs! Lovely job and good you showed a close up of the detail. I have no idea re baby sizes really but one of the others will know.

I love it! I like the detail picture that shows the texture of it–it’s really very nice.

This is very precious! You did an EXCELLENT job! As for the size, I wouldn’t worrry too much about that. Have you seen baby clothes lately? They are sized like women’s clothes. What is 9 months in one brand can fit a 3 month old. What is 9 months in another brand can fit an 18 month old. I’m sure your sizing will work wonderfully for your needs.

Beautiful job. I totally dig the JCrew-like look of this little sweater.

That is so cute! :inlove:

Do you have the pattern written up yet, because I might have to have it! :flirt:

Oh my gosh, that’s adorable! It looks like something from a high-priced baby boutique. Great work!

Thanks for the compliments! My mom is giving it as a gift and she was pleased with it. I cut an “S” (baby’s first name starts with S) out of fleece and sewed it into the inside as the “tag”.

I don’t have the pattern written up, but will try to get to it this week. It might be more “general directions” and less pattern. I have never written a pattern.


Super cute!

putt me up for a copy of that! my son would love that.

great job!

You’ve done a fab job. That pattern would look great on my son. Count me in for the pattern, please.

:cheering: AAAAAW!! that is SO cute!! I love the style and the color-great job!

Very,very cute!:heart:

Absolutely adorable.

Very cute! I would love the pattern as well. I have a few little ones I could make this for. :slight_smile:

awsome , it looks super cute!

Do we have a pattern yet?? :smiley:

I LIKE that! Hey, I’d love the pattern too. My grandson would like that, only in his fav color: red.


That is cute! It’s very good,

Could I have the pattern???


ME TO ME TO:cheering:

VERY nice!

Ok, here’s a rough pattern. It really is very easy and the size is adaptable. I can’t give you a gauge, since I gave the sweater away. I used Brown Sheep Superwash on size 8 needles. It makes a sweater that is a 9-12 month size. This is a bottom up raglan, you will be adding the sleeves at the underarms. I used this tutorial to understand how to attach the sleeves.

Garter Rib in the Round:
Row 1: K all sts
Row 2: K2, [p1, k2] to end P1 (purl last stitch)
Repeat these 2 rows for Garter Rib.

Sleeves (make 2)
Using circular needle or DPNs, CO 39 stitches.
Knit 5 rows in stockinette stitch.
Switch to garter rib and knit until 7 inches. This measurement is wrist to underarm, adjust as necessary. Keep in mind that if you want to fold the cuff up, you need extra length.
Put the live stitches on a spare needle or cable.

Body (starting at bottom)
CO 59 stitches and knit in garter rib in the round until piece measures 7 inches. This is the bottom hem to underarm, adjust length as necessary. Ending after row 2.

Now, find the sides of the body of the sweater. Place markers here.

Put 4 stitches from the arms (I used 2 on each side of center marker) on a holder. Now, knit the stitches on the body until 2 stitches for the marker, put the next 4 stitches on a holder. Continue knitting the rest of the stitches from the arm with the body. Do the same for the arm.

Continue knitting in garter rib. On ever other Row 1, knit to 2 stitches before marker, ssk, sm, k2tog.

Continue decreases until you are happy with the size and shape of your sweater. Keep in mind that you leave a big enough neck to fit a baby head through (and some babies have big heads) Knit (in garter rib) a couple of rows without decreasing. Knit 5 rows of stockinette for the rolled collar. Bind off remaining stitches. You still have the 4 stitches from arms and 4 from body on holders at the underarms. Use kitchner stitch to graft them together, or turn the sweater inside out and use a 3 needle bind off.

Fold up sleeves.