Garter in the round?

Here’s the pattern:
My second knitting in the round project and so far, so good, even though my stitches were too tight at first.

About this part: “Next rnd: P1, then work in garter stitch for 6 1/2 inches”. (knit 1 rnd, p 1 round) So when I get to the end of a round, I am supposed to knit on top of the purls?? That always confuses me because it’s knit on the knits and purl on the purls, right? :??

Knit on knit and purl on purl gives you stockinette stitch, smooth on one side. For garter stitch, you knit on purls and purl on knits, and it gives you thick stretchy fabric with bumps on both sides. That means you knit a round, then purl a round. It’ll work, you’ll see.

Garter stitch and stockinette are different when knitting in the round compared to flat knitting. Knitting in the round if you knit every round you produce stockinette different to flat where you alternate rows of knit and purl. To do garter in the round you need to alternate rounds of knit and purl, in the flat you just knit or purl every row.

Got it! The pattern directions are right, I just doubted them. :doh: