garter edge slope decrease

How can I create a sloping neckline (for a long cardigan) which has a garter edge (selvedge) and still maintain the garter edge, please? The is no shaping involved at the sleeve edge as it is just straight.

Any suggestions are welcome, please.

Make your decreases one or two sts in from the garter stitch edge.
What pattern are you following?

Thank you for your reply.

I’m not actually following any pattern but rather have worked out how many sts I needed to cast on for a very straightforward long cardigan (front x 2 + back) and simply wanted a sloping neckline on the 2 fronts with a garter st border.

I have already tried the dec 1 or 2 sts in on the front as you suggest but have found that it does not look right - it seems that the dec somehow ‘loosens’ the evenness of the edge of the ‘pattern’ of the garter border and it looks a tad sloppy.


But many thanks for your suggestion

Kind regards