Garn Studio Poncho in Puddel

I’m knitting (or attempting to) the pattern 87-16 or the Poncho in Puddel from Garn Studio. I thought to widen it I would cast on more stitches…

If ANYONE can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it…What part is the neck? Is it the cast on edge? They said it would have to be very elasticity (sp).

Another question…I want to widen it so I cast on 35 stitches and am working away on this, but Garn Studio couldn’t tell me how to widen this poncho…

Help, please

:!!!: :verysad: :eyebrow: :??

They suggest casting onto two needles together to make the cast-on elastic. Just hold two needles together and cast on to them as if they were one, then slip one out. You’ll have your loose cast on.

It looks like you just knit two rectangles and assemble them. It looks like the neck is the side edge of the rectangles and the cast on edges are sewn to the long sides. So you’re starting with the narrow part of the rectangle and knitting it to be as long as you need.

I think if you cast on more stitches you make it longer, and if you make the rectangles longer it will end up wider. Does that help?