Garment sizing

Hi. I’m fairly new to knitting garments and have a sizing question. I found a baby sweater pattern I really like and want to use a yarn I already knit a bonnet with to make a matching set. Problem is, the yarn is a light dk and the sweater calls for worsted. I’m wondering if I could cast on the sweater a couple sizes up from what I want, using the stitch count for the larger size but the length measurements for the size I want and get an end result that’s decent. Does that make sense? I’m not great at tweaking patterns, so it seems like this might work but I’m a little nervous.

Yes, that’s the right way to go about this. Also, knit a swatch with your yarn and see if you like the knit fabric. You can then compare your gauge with the pattern gauge and know the size you would need to make.

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Definitely knit a swatch. They aren’t perfect, but you can get an idea about what needle size and size to knit.

I’m new to knitting and learning from video and a knitting book and from people on here your a great help :grinning:
I would try knitting a swatch and see how it knits up .