Garment Drying Station

Has anyone seen or used this? Seems like a good idea, though it looks like you have to fold the arms on top of the sweater. The price range on this link shows $79-$99 but I saw it in a Walmart ad for $59.

I don’t think I’d have the space for one, but it did make me think about the shelf I have for my dryer. It sits in the middle of the drum and remains stationary while the air circulates around it. It’s for drying hats or tennis shoes, but I bet it might work for drying some of my knit clothing. Thanks for the brain nudge.

I’d be concerned about electric use. Is there anything I need dried so quickly that I can’t wait overnight for it? Usually not. I just wouldn’t want to bring one more appliance into the house. I have found my folding drying rack (wooden that I got on clearance at Target for $2!) and a ceiling fan that is running anyway to be just enough to dry most things in one day or overnight. I take crumpled up paper or shopping bags (recycled from other things) and loosely put it inside things like sweaters or to “fluff” up hats so they will dry quicker.

I put an extra shower curtain rod over the middle of my bathtub and dry most of my clothes this way. Aiming a fan works if in a hurry. And for sweaters, my spring-loaded mesh thing will balance on top of the two rods.