Garland Shell Pattern KAL

I absolutely adore this top! :inlove: I think I even have some yarn that would work.

Oh, I do to! You certainly have great taste! Gorgeous! Funny how the simplest embellishments can make such a difference!

Thank you! Okay, I bought the pattern and check the yarn and I DO have enough! I have so many projects I want to start it’s nuts, but because summer is on the way and I have the yarn this one is next! :yay:

Are you going to buy the pattern, Mary?! We can do it together!

ETA: I have to do a swatch, but I suspect maybe the yarn is actually closer to a worsted rather than DK :think:

Yes, I’ve been looking for a nice, spring top with that feminine touch and I dearly love the way they’ve fancied up this otherwise ordinary top! I’m a bit of a skimper (cheapskate) when it comes to yarns, though… ARGHHHHHHHHHH! I just looked at the price! I may have to do some kind of substitute! Will have to check my stash when I get home. I know I’ve got some dk in a cotton/acrylic blend and I have vowed not to purchase anymore until I’ve busted some of my stash. Besides, I’ll be wearing it for work and don’t want the cashmere to be damaged(good excuse to be frugal) Oh how I wish that lotto ticket had the right numbers. LOL! Oh yeah, my swap partner sent me some silk blends, too… will have to see if there’s enough… I’m trying to save up for some of the Salt and Pepper by Tillie Tomas @ $38 a skein. What kind are you gonna use?

No way am using cashmere! Cashmere is also very warm I’ve heard so that makes no sense to me to use for a summer top even if it was cheap!!

The yarn I have is Topacio by Valeria di Roma (discontinued), but I’m not positive if it’ll work or not. Still have to do a gauge swatch. I got it at my LYS bag sale a few years ago so it wasn’t expensive. It’s a cotton/acrylic blend I think. If it doesn’t work I’ll look for something not too expensive probably in a cotton blend. I have social knitting tonite so I’ll look and see what they have while I’m there.

I just happened on this one, but I’ve been kind of looking for a cute summer top as well. I’m glad I found this!

I’ll let you know if I find anything tonite. :thumbsup:

ETA: I just remembered I have some Shine Sport that might work. It falls into both sport/DK categories… :think:

Okay, got the pattern and will work on the guage swatch this evening…

Working on the swatch now and using straight #5 needles. I don’t see anywhere in the pattern that I’ll have to have circulars so these should work. The TLC Cotton plus is working just fine for the guage stitch width…onto to the 34th row!

Okay, my guage did come out different than the pattern guage so I’m going to adjust by using the XS size instead of the Medium!! I like this pattern already!!!

I need no less than 38.5 in the bust and hips. My guage is 5 sts per inch/ 7 rws per inch. My calculations tell me:

99 sts(co for XS) divided by my 5 = 19.8
19.8" x 2(front and back) = 39.6"
Finished length for XS is 22", right at the largest point of my hips. This will be very slimming(boy, do I need that) It will give me some ease in both the bust and hip areas, too.!!!

I don’t just like this pattern already, I LOVE IT!!!

Omigosh…I saw some yarn I just might have to get… Rowan Calmerin coral… maybe… I’ll check it out tomorrow and maybe do swatches with the yarn I have first. I can always make two! :teehee:

It does say circulars, but it appears to knit flat so I think straights will be fine.

The coral is so nice… love the tangerine, too! I’m using Spruce TLC Cotton Plus on this one. :mrgreen: The next one’ll HAVE to be a silk blend…not enough of it in my current stash.

I haven’t decided what to do yet. I’m going to swatch what I have today and that should help make the decision.

What color is your TLC? Is it soft?

It is soft and a Spruce green. I’m a redhead so it oughta look good with all the freckles.

I couldn’t stand it, am on row 12 of the garland lace pattern and the ssps, yoyos, etc…on the purl side are not simple. With these blooming aluminum needles, the tlc is almost too soft and I’m having to be very careful not to lose sts when I do the ssp. BUT! I’m determined to get through this first set. I did have to tink the first purl row of the pattern because I had to look up an “ssp”. Am using my bifocal reading glasses alot.

Oh cool! My Topacio won’t work unless I fool around with a lot of numbers so I tried the Shine Sport and I am getting 22 st over 4 inches instead of 24 on size 5 needles. So that’s 5.5 st per inch instead of 6. I’m going to go down a needle size and see what happens.
Also…I’ve only 880 yds! That’s is making me very uncomfortable since I don’t like short tops. However…I wonder if I could make a smaller size since I knit looser… :think:

Okay, did I do this right, Mary? I’m math challenged so I followed your method.

Bust measurement 39.5
5.5 st per inch

CO for M = 114
114 divided by 5.5 = 20.72 which equals 41.45

If I’ve calculated it correctly it means I have some positive ease and just going with the needle size I have now would work… right?

And the power’s back on again! UGH! :tap: Got to row 12, the power went off and I didn’t make a copy, was just sitting here reading it off the computer… idiot!:nails: Now, I’ll make myself a paper copy! I got your PM and that’s a great idea, hopefully somebody else will want to join in. :thumbsup: Maybe someone’s done it before and can aide us as well. :pray:

Okay, back to the shell. I was having alot of problems with rows 11 and 12, so while I was sitting here with no power, I went ahead and frogged back to the row just before the pattern. :frog: As much problem as I had with the pattern and that may be from not having done the ssps before or whatever… Wonder if I could do the body, both front and back at the same time up to the underarm?
And we will have to use the circulars for the neck. :roll:

Your questions…let me figure. Yep, your calculations are correct! Since I don’t have size 5 circulars, I’m gonna go back and refigure for mine, so will be doing another swatch. I’ve got #3s and 6s in circular but no 4s or 5s. All these needles and not the right ones!
I’ll just have to wing it til my 4s and 5s get here with single points or DPNs. Maybe this is my sign to stop and finish my felted rug while waiting on needles. :shrug:

The pattern’s kinda funky in that the Garland Lace pattern uses multiples of 16. You have to remember that if you are casting on 114, there will be extra sts. and these have to be knitted before you start that pattern. It mentions this but doesn’t show detail on the stitch pattern. I think this is where mine got out of wack.
With the 114, you’ll K1 before and K1 after(16 x 7 = 112). Mine was
99(16 x 6 = 96) so that meant having to remember to add 2 at the beginning and 1 after, then on purl row do 1 to begin and 2 after. So, I’m going to figure with even adds this next time.

One thing I do know, at this point. You have to knit loosely on the RS(knit) of the pattern so you can accomplish those ssps and yos on the WS(purl). Mine were so tight the first time, I couldn’t get my needle into the tiny loops to pick up the stitches.

I hate power outages! We are all so accustomed to electricity it really bites! :bite:

Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll give it a go as is and see what happens. I think she does mention somewhere that the first and last stitches are seaming stitches so it’s planned, but it seems odd to have 2 on one side. :?? Oh and someone on Rav did it in the round up to the arm, but I think she had to fool with it a bit. Not sure.

OH and I always make 2 printed copies as well as one that is saved in a pattern folder on my computer. If my computer dies (it’s old so it’s a possibility) I don’t want to lose it. I keep one in my pattern file and use the other.

Are we there yet? LOL! I won a complete set of bamboo circulars on Ebay last night!!! :yay: :woohoo: :cheering: :woot: The set has sizes 1-15 and I won it for just $6.50!!! I waited til the very last minute, like my son told me and it worked! The shipping was $6.50, too. Very good, huh? For that price ($13.00), I can live with one or two being duds because I know it’s an “off” brand. Then again, I know it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to produce bamboo circulars. The set includes the two sizes, 4 and 5 that I need to do the Garland Lace Shell so will be ready in a few days… I’ve tried it with other sizes and dpns…no way! I’m still not completely sure that the TLC Cotton Plus will be thin enough, it’s awfully thick!

I’ve had to put the shell on hold for a few weeks because I’m going out of town the end of this week (4/4) and don’t want to start and then have to stop. So I’ll probably start working on it toward the end of April. If you want to start by all means go ahead though! You can help me through it if I need it. :teehee:

Congrats on the needles!

ETA: You know I just don’t want to use the yarn I have. I don’t know why I bought it in the first place last year. I think I want to see if this will work. It’s new from KP. I like the seafoam color!

ETAA: Dang… the pattern calls for DK. Sigh…

I’m on hold, too… Decided to order some different yarn after fighting with my guage and the TLC Cotton Plus. Hopefully, the yarn will be here this week and I can get started…again! Yep, it calls for DK!

My yarn got here Friday!!! It’s a cotton/acrylic blend, discontinued, nice Salmon color-- Schoeller Esslinger “Campo”. I’ve got 10 skeins, so will have plenty. I cast on and have passed the first Garland Lace inset at the hip area :thumbsup: and now am working towards the underarms. IT’S GOT DARTS!!! There are decrease stitches located approximately where you would put darts if sewing a blouse or dress. Since I’m doing it in the round, will have to coordinate the front and back at the same time…

The pattern looks very nice! I love cashmere. I would wear it every day. Alas, I have only one cashmere turtleneck that I got for Valentine’s Day a few year ago. I’m sure the yarn you chose will be wonderful for work!