Gardening... the "Flower" bug has bitten!

MMMMmmmmm I found a gorgeous, peach Hibiscus today and snatched it up. It’s now planted in my front flower bed with tons of buds just waiting to bloom! :woohoo:

So, now rifling through all my seeds and found Columbine, Impatiens, more Hibiscus, Candy lilies, Cannas, Sunflowers, Stella D’Ora Daylilies…OMG! :woot: Gotta go dig! Spring is finally here, the birds are singing…We have a Whipporwil and there’s a wild Peacock living in the woods beside us. And tomorrow is Good Friday…time to plant!:cheering:

I hear you! I have some Cannas I got today that I need to find a place for - plant impulse buys are a little harder than yarn to deal with. I just love Cannas though! I was blown away by a Loripetalum that I was pretty sure was dying after being hit by a falling tree last fall to suddenly burst into full bloom last week. I just love spring!!

Don’t you love “gardening” surprises? I had a Clematis that I dug up when we moved two years ago and I thought surely it was gone from the cold and moving abuse but it’s out there climbing again!!! Now if I can just get the “diggerdog”, Buckeroo, to leave my plantings alone! Grrrrr! We have a chat every morning…"Now, be a good boy and don’t be diggerdog today, PLEASE!!! Every afternoon there’s a new “nest” about the size of Buck, in the front flowerbed where he’s kept cool…

:twisted: I’m envious…I CAN NOT PLANT ANYTHING until May…I am in zone 5 and we still can get a good frost…Oh, but I did winter-over my dahlias in my neighbors basement (hopefully they didn’t rot) and I can always “buy” impatients at the greenhouse (as established plants)…etc etc…so go ahead, plant all you want see if I care:waah: :waah:

Oh, Poor baby, I would just hate that, too! A friend in Wisconsin has the same problem. I would just have to demand a greenhouse or a sunroom or something! We are in zone 7 but lived in Charleston(zone 9) for about 3 years…OMG, you could garden constantly there. Mandevillas and Bouganvillia (not sure if that’s spelled right) are perennials there.

What…the perennials are what?? OMG!! we have to buy those (already grown and staked in pots) enjoy for a few months, then (they are not hardy here) watch as they slowly perish outside (don’t know if you can grow em indoors)Right now my daffs and tulips are poking up (that’s about it) oh yea and the daylillies, bearded iris too…gotta wait till middle of May to see anything bloom…:pout: BTW…what’s a “diggerdog”?

Our daffs and hyacinths are just about done blooming. The lilies and iris are blooming now. Peonies and Hostas are putting out foliage. I do have to winter my mandevillas in the garage and yes, with a sunroom or greenhouse, they’ll grow year round. I grow alot of tropicals so they have to be wintered as well.

What is a diggerdog? Buck is about 1-1/2 years old, part labrador, weighs 90 lbs and loves to dig! He used to chew up everything, trailer connectors on the back of trucks, wet shoes left on the porch, plastic flowerpots and has been known to drag large pieces of firewood to his “chew” area. Now he just digs, runs the cats and somehow manages to distribute tiny little black hairs all over my bedroom floor. I love him to pieces but he’s a Diggerdog.

:roflhard: The “nest” part threw me!!! Well, don’t worry, you probably only have a “few” more years till he “grows up”:thumbsup: BTW you plant Canna from seed??? OMG

My older sister lives in Cincinnati, where are you?

I am 25 mi west of Cleveland…Here’s a pic of one of my beds…take a look!!! and please don’t cry:woot:

Not bad, looks like it’s coming along nicely. Mine are not at all as well developed…just getting them started.

Not bad for about 12 years old…the plant in front (next to the little white sign) is my Hydrangea…I won’t see anything till June:hug: thanks

The foliage on ours are just coming out… I looked yesterday and I have one lil Bearded Iris bloom. I’ve had them in pots for over 5 years with no blooms at all! They must love their new beds in the ground. Someone from sent them to me. You should post that photo on the thread now and later!

Post where? On KH or The trick to Iris is to (since it’s a tuber) do not plant deep in the ground…just let the roots go under, they like to have the top of the tuber showing thru…make sense? Never did um in containers!!! I’ll run out and take a 'close up " of my “larger bed” mostly Iris…

Post here, yeah, I have them about 1/2" below the dirt. Peonies are like that, too.

O.K. will do…Here ya go this is as close as I can get…this is another bed…nice chatting…gotta get dressed before my neighbors think I am totally wacky (running in and out in my robe)!!! Hey I do have blooms…My African Violets…

woohoo! I love flowers, too!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I live on flowers, never mind food, water, air, etc. LOL!!!

Show yer pretties!!!

I never knew Peonies liked to be close to the surface! I planted Peony tubers last year and the bag they came in said 6 inches deep. They never did come up I guess I know why.
My neighbor is building a huge garage in his back yard. Last year he took out a lovely bed full of azaleas, peonies, tulips, daffodils and a saucer magnolia to make room for it. I was gone for the weekend and when I came home I asked him what he did with everything. You can imagine my heart break when he said he took it all to the dump. The azaleas and saucer magnolia were at least 15 years old and absolutely beautiful! I told him if he ever wants to get rid of another plant I would be happy to dig it up and give it a new home. I now have four azaleas I didn’t have last spring that he took out to expand the driveway. Can’t wait for them to fully bloom, they are budding out now. I think they are in the pink family but am not sure. He also gave me a wheel barrel full of iris last week so I am not holding out any hope of them blooming this year but next year:woot:

OMG! Some people have no interest in plants whatsoever! Our neighbor, near our old house was clearing his lot a couple of years ago and the lot was full of old heirloom Iris. I rushed over and dug up about all of them and sent them to friends from here to Washington state. We called it the McCormick Iris Rescue! LOL! Keep an eye of that fella, he may be supplying you with more for your yard!

And peonies sometimes have to be lifted if erosion is a factor.