Gaps!!! MOSS STITCH + purl,knit gaps why?!!! Help!

Hello fellow knitters!:grinning:

Please may you be so kind as to take a look at the pictures attached of my current hat I am knitting and help me to identify why I have slight gaps/holes between my purl and knit stitches both in the brim and in the body of the Moss stitch?

I am new to knitting and this is my 2nd hat, and I think I may be a tight knitter too as I’m struggling to put the needles through each new loop!

Just to add I am using knitting in the round needles size 9mm and the yarn label says to use 10mm, I tried 10mm with the brim and then decreaeaed to 9mm for the body as I noticed the gaps on the 10mm needles as I was knitting the brim… but the gaps still appear with the 9mm anyway … ahh… help!:smiley:

(upload://d3x7ia6g5HiXr0ky8Lu5SUAaqWb.jpeg) image image image image image

This happens to many knitters at all levels. I try to tighten up on the first stitch after a change.

Do you knit by throwing? When I converted to combined continental or just continental, I found that my tension got less loose…less religious…less ‘holy’. LOL!! The natural swing of the working yarn front to back, back to front was so easy that it got rid of the looseness between stitches. And I actually starting liking to knit…even purl…was preferring crochet but refusing to give up the knitting.

If you do continental knit, ‘slow down’ and watch your work develop. Realize the comfort you get as you knit…no matter what method you use…you now have a chance to ‘see’ what’s causing what.

Just this year, I found I could knit without looking…goodness; LOL!! But just seven stitches or so…I don’t want to tink or frog too much. ((:slight_smile:

So, watch what’s going on…it probably is not tightening up between the knit and purl changing…if you can see it, though…you’d be more likely to quit the habit.

Good luck, too and Happy Holidays!!

I can knit most things without looking for about seven stitches before needing to look again…verify accuracy …am trying to undo 48 years of habits developed from ‘throwing’; LOL!! Now, I’d not change back to throwing or flicking unless I’m purling four together…can’t seem to do that using continental; LOL!!