Gaps btwn knits and purls

I’m making the big block afghan. I’ve done rows 1 and 2 a few times now and I notice when I switch from 10 knits to 10 purls, I have a big gap right there. It doesn’t happen when I switch from purl to knit…so what’s the deal? I’ve tried holding the yarn tighter…but nothing. I’ve tried keeping my needles closer, but that’s pretty hard to do for some reason.

I refuse to frog as I finally have a good start on this afghan. So maybe if I can figure out the problem and fix it…I can just leave these first few rows as is.

Are you making a yarn over instead of just putting your working yarn straight forward ( between the needles instead of around your needle) when you change to purl ?

no, i’m not making yo’s. I’m doing the purl just like Amy’s video for English style of purl. It’s just that first stitch when I switch to a purl that’s all loose. Maybe I’ll try really tightening it up.

You know, I am working on the Irish Scarf pattern from the free patterns area on this site, and I am having the same problems, when I go from knit to purl. But, I think I am having it going both ways. I know I am not doing a YO either. Hmmmm. If I can figure out how to fix it, I will let you know.

Last night I was doing ribbing and I noticed that I give an extra pull as I switch over from p to k. It happens automatically at this point, but if you do it consciously, eventually it will become second nature. As you pull, you can actually see the previous stitch snug up to the needle.

Thanks Ingrid, I’ll give that a shot. :thumbsup: