Gaps between cables

I’m learning how to cable, and I’m making a dishcloth using a cotton yarn with no stretch. The cables look great, but it’s three cables in a row next to each other and right around where I’m doing the cables I’m getting kind of a gap between them. I’m not skipping a stitch or anything. The horizontal threads are there, there’s just not anything crossing them for a while. I’m thinking maybe I’m knitting too loosely somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

That happens because you’re knitting the stitches out of order and it helps to actually knit cables loosely. When you try to tighten up, the sts get pulled and gap more. So either loosen up, use a larger needle (especially with cotton!) and knit several more rows. After a few more cables are done, the weight stretches them downward and the gapping isn’t so bad. Also, when you wash them, that will even out the stitches A LOT.

The cotton yarn is probably not helping, but I think if you steam block your work really good (although you don’t of course, want to actually iron it–just steam it. Otherwise your cables will get all mooshed).

Also, something I do that can sometimes help this problem, is I let the stitches that are on the cable needle just hang down in front (or back) of my work, without trying to hold on to them. That kind of helps to pull the stitches taut. I know most people like the standard “gull” shaped cable needles but I like the “J” shaped ones, because the stitches don’t slide off when I let the cable needle hang, and when I am getting ready to knit off the cable needle, I find them easier to handle. So maybe experimenting with the type of cable needle you are using would help too.