I noticed that Knit Picks was running a promotion for their Biggo yarn. They were offering a free skein of Biggo with a purchase of $5 or more. I thought I would try out the yarn, so I ordered two skeins. I found the GAP-tastic pattern on Ravelry. I followed the pattern exactly, except that I just knitted until I ran out of yarn. It’s only about 8.5" wide, but I don’t really think that I would want it to be much wider. I haven’t blocked it yet. BTW, I really like the yarn! It’s very soft. The color is Haze Heather, and it’s a soft lavender shade.

Good job…will have to show this to my friend…she got the same deal.

Nice cowl!! :thumbsup:

Very pretty! It’s a good width and length even before blocking.

It looks great and what a deal!

Oh yummy! It’s really attractive! Great color, great pattern stitches! Way to go!

The only thing better than an FO that beautiful is one that was also a great deal. Good for you! Enjoy your lovely cowl.