Gap in a wool soaker

forum noob here. :waving:

So, lemme show ya something. I knitted a pair of wool soakers for my beloved’s grandson. The baby’s daddy will be here Thursday night and I plan to send them home (about 1000 miles away) with him. I’m not happy with the top of the leg openings. While I don’t believe they’ll unravel, I don’t want them to look cheap. Does anyone have any idea how I could tighten up that section? Google doesn’t like my phrasing. We’re having a communication gap about as wide as that pictured below.

well, the tedious way would be to tighten up the stitches around it just by using your needle and tugging them tight along the row until you have the desired result…

having said that - They don’t look cheap at all, they look great, and I don’t think anyone will notice that too much. You are too hard on yourself (but i’m exactly the same so i understand) :hug:

Bee-YOO-tee-ful soakers, my dear sister! :thumbsup:

That is wonderful!!! One of my bestest friends is knit soaker superwoman!!

I tried a pair similar to the ones you made, and the only suggestion I can make is do a row or two of single crochet. When I make ponchos, that’s what I do around the neck opening to prevent it from stretching.

Personally, I would add a simple flat-edge trim by picking up stitches all around the leg openings – as many as I could, so it’s still very stretchy – then binding them off.

Oh, thanks so much everyone! :slight_smile:

Julie, I did pick up 52 stitches around one of the openings and added 8 rows of 2x2 ribbing with a sewn-in binding. It made the gap more noticeable. :frowning: So I ripped it out… I wonder if picking up 48 that skipped the top of the opening would allow me to tighten it up. hmmmmm. What do you think?

Lilsea, I can do one row of stand-alone single crochet. Beyond that, I’m crochetarded.

five_six, I shall visit my favorite LYS at lunch today and see if the resident expert can hold my hand with that tweaking. I’m also looking for a sock monkey to stitch upon the front to match the baby’s sock monkey slippers. Also, I’m adding a little duplicate stitch lettering to the seat, then lanolizing it.

[size=2]gonna run outta time.[/size]

:oops: resized my photos. [size=2]sorry.[/size]

hope it goes well for you :thumbsup:

No problemo, sis. Now, the page loads a lot quicker!

How is life out in beautiful California?

Beautiful, of course. :wink:

except that I’ve never stitched anything onto a knitted item. :?? Maybe it’s a bad idea for me to attach the Tigger applique patch to the front?

I’d try a 2x2 rib around the legs, if you can.

As for the applique… don’t do it… it will do one of two things…

  1. stop the soaker from doing it’s job properly
  2. stink really badly as the applique gets wee’d on…

Hi Zip! The same thing happens to mine. Are you using the punk_knitters pattern? I picked up stitches and added a 2x2 ribbed cuff, and it made the gap much less noticeable.

You can’t really tell from this picture, though. Anyway, what size did you make? Mine (above) is the small size (not newborn), and I only picked up 40 stitches for each cuff. Perhaps you’re picking up too many?

Regardless, your soaker is beautiful and the only reason I noticed the gap is because you pointed it out to us. It definitely does NOT look cheap. Great job! :cheering:

misstia, that makes sense, thank you! I won’t attach the applique. Your reason was rattling around in the back of my head, but I’m stubborn. :slight_smile:

fem_e, yes! It is the punk knitters pattern, and it’s a size medium. Yours is lovely! :heart: Thanks so much for sharing it. Mine is knitted with two strands of 100% virgin wool that Shandeh gave me last year.

When I awoke this morning, I’d decided to add stockinette cuffs instead of ribbed. They’ll roll up over the current leg opening and relieve my perfectionist streak - which is much too evolved. :wink: I think I can be finished by Thursday night, and I’ll post pics. :pray: [size=2]If it doesn’t fit, they’d better enshrine it.[/size]

Good idea, Zip. :thumbsup: I hope it turns out the way you want.

Oh, and I’ll bet the soaker is SO SOFT!!! I REMEMBER that yarn!! :heart:

We can blame our loving mother for our “perfectionist” tendencies, can’t we? :teehee:

If you want, you could do a duplicate stitch design on the front. It’s not hard to do, and you could do anything you want, like a heart or the baby’s name.

Here are some websites with instructions on duplicate stitch:

If you don’t have any other wool yarn, you can dye the yarn I gave you with some Kool-Aid!
Here are some guides on dyeing with Kool Aid:

You can also dye with food coloring:

Or with PAAS Easter Egg Dye:

Didja read my mind? Didja, huh? :slight_smile: When all else fails to stop the baby’s crying, there’s an (enormously irritating) animated Hallmark snowman that soothes him. One of the songs is Holly, Jolly Christmas. The singer emphasizes the “oh, by golly!” I pity the fool whose recording that is. If it’s someone here or the relative of someone here, I’m sooooo sorry. I heard it a few hundred times over the holidays. J’s daughter asked me to stitch that line on the seat. That’s tonight’s task. The only alphabet I’ve found is this one for counted cross-stitch. :? Guess I oughta draw it out on graph paper right now during lunch.

Last night, I added the stockinette cuffs in Moda Dea Cartwheel in Hazey, and I’ll use that yarn for the dupe stitch and the icord as well. The cuffs are cute! Pics tomorrow.

[size=2]thanks for the suggestion, sis. [/size]

Cool! Don’t forget to post photos again when you’re finished. We LOVE photos in here. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Tonight, the icord, and I’ll post pics immediately afterward.
The duplicate stitch looked like Fido’s ass, so I plucked 'em out. :frowning:

I sahwwy! :pout: :pout:

meh. I’m over it.

I’m not gonna do another thing to it. Fin.

If you click on the pics, you can see them larger.
It isn’t perfect, and I hope it fits him now rather than later.
And I don’t wanna talk about it anymore. :smiley:

Oh how pretty! :inlove:

BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL!!! :muah: