Gap after long tail CO in the round

My bottom row always has a gap when I join to knit in the round. I usually use a long tail CO. I’m not sure how to tighten up that last little floppy stitch. When I come around to the second row, there’s always a single strand holding the works together. The gap won’t close with yanking and evil looks. :teehee: Should I be knitting the tail into the second row or something? Any hints?

I have that same problem, so I’m equally interested in what folks have to say. Thanks for posting the question.

What I’ve been doing lately is to cast on one extra stitch. Then, when I join the round, I slip one stitch from the right needle to the left and knit 2 together–basically the two end stitches of the cast-on.

When the piece is done, the tail works well to close any gap, too.

What Ingrid says will work and I use a tip that Suzeeq posted…

Slip the last cast on stitch over to the right needle, then slip the first cast on stitch over to the left needle, exchanging them. Then place the marker in between them. It’s kinda tricky but will work perfectly. Then knit or purl the first round. Is that clear?

I actually do the same thing that Ingrid posted, though many people do swap the end sts too.

Can somebody put Ingrid’s and Suzeeq’s tips in the “Tips” thread?

They’re probably in there somewhere…

I do this too, except I just knit the first round and then place the marker.

I swapped my first and last CO sts, knit the first round, then placed the marker. Woohoo! It worked like a charm! Thanks so much for the great tips.

I also watched this video as I am a visual learner. :eyes:

(I will add from experience - for anyone else new trying this - to make sure that your working yarn is coming out the top/back of your work when you do this. The yarn will lay over the top of the back DPNs. If it’s hanging down below your work, you have to start over or stuff the ball through your DPNs in order to knit the stitch. :teehee: )