Gansey sweater mistake - fix?

I just finished the front section of the unending Gansey sweater I am knitting and realize that I never did the M1 increase adding 4 stitches to my total. I am loathe to unknit all the work back to the beginning of that section of work.

Can I fudge it (or cowboy it as one of my gurus might say) or should I grit my teeth and rip all those stitches and cables out(please say no)? If I do fudge it, can I just decrease the amount of worked stitches in pattern on each side and bind off the 26 or should I decrease the number of bound off stitches?

I have attached the relevant part of the pattern - starts at 7/22-


Oh, ugh, I hate that. I would bind off maybe 2 fewer sts at the front neck and decrease the shoulder bind off by one stitch each. Alternatively you could decrease one fewer time at the neck edges (4x instead of 5x) and also bind off fewer for the shoulders. I’ve certainly had to do this. Sadly. But, it works out just fine.

As always, thank you! I arrived at that conclusion also. I figure if I have the right amount of stitches for each shoulder, front and back, I should be good to go.


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I have another question or questions: I am starting the sleeves for this sweater and the instructions are not clear to me. This designer tends to warn the knitter of things to be on the lookout for, which I appreciate. It also makes for challenging reading. The part I am unclear about is : all gusset decreases are worked before remaining sleeve decreases, not simultaneously. It goes on to describe (after picking up stitches) how to begin gusset decreases, etc. What does it mean to not work the decreases simultaneously? I have included that portion of the pattern…thank you in advance (again)