Gansey sampler

I’m knitting a mini gansey sweater from the book Knitting Ganseys. She teaches the technique by knitting a wee sweater first. It is so cool!

Not the best pictures, but you get the idea. This is the back of the sweater up to the shoulder joins.

How cute!

oh, cool! I like that idea. I’ve always wanted to knit a gansey. I thought it would be a good “bridge” project on the way to arans. I must be knitting-ADD or something when it comes to arans. I get lost trying to keep track of so many different patterns going on at the same time. At least with gansey, you work them one at a time…I think?

Extreme vaporizer

That’s a neat idea! I wonder if my local library has that book…

Making small sweaters is a great way to learn something new. I learned how to do steeks by making some doll sweaters. They’re really cute and it was quick to knit them. I haven’t yet used the technique on a full-sized sweater, but I will some day. :shrug:

Well, isn’t that the cutest thing. You are doing a GREAT job! :cheering: I hope you will let us see the finished sweater.

Please? :flirt:

So pretty! I can’t wait to see it when it is all done!

Cute !

Very nice! I was looking into getting that book, now, I might.

Very cute! That sounds like a great way to learn how to do a complicated technique!

It is all knit in the round up to the arms, so you do all the patterns at the same time. It is really easy to get the hang of it and know what to do next.