Gansey Glove

One down, one to go. Hope it will match! Pattern at Knitting Pattern Central. Made in Elen Cashmere, size 2 needles. I had to rip back and decrease after cuff and then increase again before fingers. I guess because the moss or seed (whatever it is) is just a bigger stitch than the ss.

Looks perfect!

What a perfect glove!! :cheering:

Looks great!

That looks amazing!

:smiley: WTG :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: Perfect fingers, I’m afraid to do fingers on gloves :blush: …your’s look wonderful! You should be very proud :smiley:

Very nice!

I’m impressed! I look forward to the day when I can do that. :smiley:

Way cool! :thumbsup: I haven’t ventured beyond mittens yet {or WW for them either!}, but that looks tempting enough to try!

:heart: :happydance:

Wow, that looks great! Such even stitches, and in dark yarn too!

Keep going!

Great job! :thumbsup: