Gall bladder surgery tomorrow

Glad the surgery went well and hope that you do not have any further problems. Take care of yourself.

I am glad the surgery went well and that you are home . Take it easy for a while :slight_smile:

Hey Puddinpop!

Scary about the oxygen thing- and I am sure you’re sore! I just wanted to check on you today… speedy recovery with lots of knitting!

I’m glad it’s all over and you are home where you belong. Rest a lot, knit a lot, read a book or five and take it easy!

I was probably just so relaxed from the anesthesia, but knowing why you are making a machine beep is weird. I can’t drive unless I stay off of my pain med. I’m not sure I want to drive that bad, yet. I want to make the Cupcake pullover or the baby cardigan in Baby Soft and I would like to feel the yarn before I buy it. Maybe I can get hubby to take me to Hobby Lobby when he gets home. I need to make the other mitten and keep making my new socks, but I am in the middle of a goof up with both and want to start something new. I am watching Bonneville on DVD with Kathy Bates.

Puddin–glad you are home. Sorry about the oxygen levels. I had a hard time getting a deep breath after I had my gallbladder surgery. My surgeon said the gas they use to “inflate” you during orthoscopic surgery has a tendency to settle around the lungs. It takes awhile for the gas to dissipate. Was quite uncomfortable for awhile.

That’s interesting to know. My lungs are getting stronger, I can see, from my little breathing exercise thingy. I didn’t have to get oxygen in my home. I have noticed that when I use to yawn quickly, it would hurt on my right side, but now if I do it, it doesn’t hurt. It’s funny how you get used to something and I was ready to grunt from the pain, but didn’t have to.