Gall bladder surgery tomorrow

Hi everybody. I am having my gall bladder removed in the morning. Doctors are hoping that it is the cause of acute pancreatitis. I don’t have gall stones and I don’t drink, so they are puzzled. They thought I had a growth in my pancreas, but after looking inside with a scope with ultra sound capabilities, it was not there. I’m asking for your prayers. I know I will be fine, but the more prayers the better. I should be back home tomorrow, if all goes well.

Gall Bladders a cinch from what I hear. My mom had hers out in emergency surgery (she has 5 stones that were causing blockages and making her a very sick lady) and she was up and about in a couple of days. She’s never been a drinker, smoker, or fried food eater etc.

Hope it all goes well and that it makes you feel better

I had mine out years ago when they still had to slice you open. I know now they don’t usually have to do that. My prayers are with you and I really hope this makes things better. Good luck and [I]take care of yourself![/I] :muah:

Praying everything goes well and you have a speedy recovery.

Hey Puddin’, prayers said for you. Take it easy for a few days and let others do the stuff around the house, OK?

:hug: In my prayers :hug:

My friend had her’s taken out just last Friday afternoon. By Tuesday,
she was back at work and feeling fine. My thoughts will be with you.

I hope everything goes well! :hug:

I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you today. :hug:

:hug: Good thoughts being sent your way.

Good luck!

Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you!

I had mine out a few years ago - it was a piece of cake. You’ll be sore for a couple of days, but otherwise it’s pretty easy! And you’ll feel LOTS better!

GOOD LUCK! I had mine out last year, it was easy, I had it out on Friday and was back to work on Tuesday. I did have some pain from the gas they use (shoulder pain) but that went away in a couple days.

Good Luck with your surgery and recovery. I had my gall baldder out 8 years ago. It was rough, but nothing too terrible!

[COLOR=royalblue]Many hugs (gentle ones):hug: I had mine out 2 years ago and everything went fine. Don’t overdo after surgery and you will do fine. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=royalblue]sebago, ME[/COLOR]

I’ll be praying for you. By far the majority of gall bladder removals are easy and uncomplicated. (My dad was an exception, and I hope you don’t join him in that list!)

I had mine out a year ago. It went well. It isn’t too bad. And I feel SOOOO much better now! (except when I eat chinese food) All will be fine. I will keep you in my thoughts! Good luck! I know it is nerve wracking, but don’t worry too much.

Hope everything went well and recovery is going smoothly.

Gosh I am so surprised everyone is doing well with theirs out. I had mine out 5 years ago and I was never the same again with my stomach. I have so many complications and the damn surgeon left me with a huge surgical hernia, and it was suppose to be done with the very small incisions, but he left me with one huge one over my belly button, because he claimed he couldnt get it out and didnt want to make the old fashion cuts under the ribs cage, he also moved to oregon and filed bankruptcy and I was notified by the courts I couldnt sue, and this was about a month after the surgury and didnt know what was to come. I wonder still to this day did he know what was going to become of it all and not tell me? He was obviously a ding a ling doctor the hospital used.
I was told by a specialist in for stomach problems that there are many who are wonderful afterwards and then there are those rare cases that suffer as I do now. Good luck I wish you the very best of recovery like everyone else.
There is suppose to be a natural way to clean out gallstones and sludge, I wish I had at least tried it before surgery. I would love to know if it actually works naturally.

Thanks, everyone for the well wishes and prayers. My surgery went fine. About the 3rd day I got very sore. The anesthesia wore off, I guess. Well, they had an oxygen monitor on me and when I would fall asleep after the surgery, I wouldn’t get enough oxygen. Well, I had to have breathing treatments and have it checked. Finally, today, it was high enough that they let me go home. Yea!! You guys are super. I do have to have a sleep study run. It’s either sleep apnea or my lungs are pushed up from the surgery and the bottom of them are not inflated enough. It’s good to be home.:woohoo: