Gaining unwanted extra stitches when working with DPNs?

Hi fellow knitters!

I am becoming frustrated with the sock I am working on.

Pattern is simple: K2 P2 for 8 inches. I have frogged this thing 4 times so far. Every time I get about 6-7 rounds in, I find I have 2 or 3 extra stitches on one needle, from nowhere. I can’t find where this is starting, and I’m about to frog this sock and forget it.

Any ideas where or why I am gaining these stitches?

Thank you for any insight…

Sometimes when you switch from one needle to the other, you get an accidental yarn over. I’ve found that I can avoid this by always starting the new needle with knits, and really looking at the last stitches on the needle–the ‘extra’ ones look a lot different if you watch them.


Thank you so much for your reply. I bet that’s exactly what’s happening. I’ll be more careful not to creat the YO.

I’m not sure if this is the same thing as what Ingrid is talking about, but I’ve found that as I’m moving my needles around, the ends catch the yarn in between (the part of the sock that’s just been knit) and creates the yarn over affect as well.

Yes, I’ve sometimes found a yo-type of new loop, I haven’t quite yet resolved exactly when and how I create them, but it’s rare and intermittent - except for one particular project where it was happening often! I’ve had it once or twice on 2 circs also. However, it’s generally clear from looking at the yo that it is not a stitch, you should be able to keep on top of it by looking at the first stitch on every needle (don’t remember having the problem at the ends of needles).
I wonder whether it’s affected by how my DPNs are arranged - which end is on top of which?


I wonder whether it’s affected by how my DPNs are arranged - which end is on top of which?

This was the first thing I thought of… Being new to the DPNs I guess this is also a very possible scenerio.

Tomorrow I’m starting over, again. I so want to make these socks…

Thanks everyone!

Sometimes, once I’ve found my rhythm with the K2P2 and pick up some speed, I’ll get a bit sloppy and throw in a yarnover as I move the yarn from front to back to knit or purl. I’ve also done the “oops” yarnover at the start of a row when the needle catches the bar in between the stitches. I’ve had success in avoiding this problem by always starting each needle at the same point in the pattern (for the leg). This means that I might have three needles with say 16 stitches on each and one needle with 12 stitches. When I start the heel, I rearrange the stitches onto two needles for the instep and two for the heel. I also learned how to do the Norwegian purl stitch. It looks awkward and involves some extra wrist action, but the yarn always remains in the knit position.


I now think that the occasional yos come from when I go onto the next needle and the wool goes from the outside of the tube, over the needle, toward the next needle (and the inside of the tube). But I don’t have problems, just drop them off.