Gaining Stitches Accidentally

Hello I’ve just started knitting with a mitten set I got. I’ve got through the thumb just about but I’m stuck on the main part. I’m casting on 42 stitches but after the second row I keep ending up with 44 stitches. I’m not splitting the thread and I cant see why this keeps happening. I’m knitting two, purling two on each row alternatively is that meant to add more stitches? I have tried to unpick it but I just get left with a big loop. I’m very confused but now totally addicted to knitting and determined to make the things! If anyone has any suggestions that would be great!Thanks x

I am new to knitting, but my guess is that when you are switching back and forth for your ribbing that you are forgetting to move your yarn back to the correct side. I did that a few times on a scarf I worked on. If that isn’t it, I hope someone more experienced can help.

There is a sticky thread just for this at the top of the forum called “mysterious extra stitches”. :wink:

That is usually the case…forgetting to move the yarn back or front.

It’s not that you’re forgetting to move the yarn to the correct side, but maybe forgetting to move it between the needles instead of over.

Aha! I think this was my problem on my “second mitt” that ended up with extra stitches. Thanks!