Someone distracted me incessantly, and while I thought I remembered where I was in my pattern, apparently I didn’t. And I have no idea how to count my rows, and the instructions I found online are yielding me far more stitches than I could possibly have.

Either side of the pattern is 3 knit stitches, and the stitches in between are different repetitions. I should be able to count the stitches on the side to find the number of rows, right? So why do I do that and get a totally impossible number? What is the right way to count rows?

And this is so obnoxious. :wall:

I count the purl bumps on the wrong side, or by twos for the ridges in garter stitch. Each ridge in garter st is 2 rows, the first row will be the knit ‘valley’, the first knit ridge is the 2nd row.

Whether you do it from the rs knit stitches or ws purl bumps make sure you are only counting one column of stitches. It might help to lay a ruler along one column and then count. :thumbsup:

When I count what I think are the ridges based off the diagrams, I end up with an impossible number of rows.

Like more than 100 when I could only conceivably have 76.

I don’t get it.

Don’t count the ridges on both sides and add them together, just count on one side or another.